Wonderful Wednesday : Dr Dini

WEDNESDAY…. It’s a midweek and I know a lot of people out there are happy when it comes, including me. This is because the weekend is few days away. 😉

I had a very interesting case on Wednesday . This patient of mine, Iffah, first came to see me in December 2016. She requested a consultation from me regarding how to close the gaps that she had in between her teeth. At that time, what I suggested for her was to do six unit composite veneers for the upper teeth and four unit composite veneers for the lower teeth.

Before. Noticed the wider gap on the upper and lower right teeth.

When I saw her last Wednesday, which is about one and half years from our first meeting, the gap has become wider especially on the upper right side.Not only that, one of her main complaint was that when she smiled, it looks as though it was crooked. I had to explained to her that her upper midline has shifted to the left, hence giving her the impression she had .The only solution to correct it was by putting braces.She immediately shook her head and said, “No braces doctor. I’m fine with it.” She said.

For this case, closing the gap was a bit tricky. We are not just closing the gap but at the same time ,we also want to make sure that each tooth is equally the same size . I explained to Iffah that in her case , the size of the right central  and lateral incisor would be slightly bigger than the one on the left and also that I cannot completely close the gap on the right side. If I were to do that , then the two teeth will looked weirdly big.

Iffah after the completion of the treatment.

She understood well with my explanation. After a good 5 minutes of staring at herself in a mirror,( I guess she was digesting my explanation), she gave me the green light to proceed with the treatment. I started off the treatment with the lower teeth first. I decided instead of doing composite veneer, a composite restoration was all she needed to close the gaps since her teeth was in a good alignment.

It took me nearly two hours to complete the treatment. I really have to make sure that all sizes of the teeth were equally the same. Iffah was really happy with the outcome of the makeover. “Beautiful!” This was what she said when she looked at her own reflection in a mirror.

Her own selfie, which shows the least noticeable gap.

Upon hearing this one word from a patient had really made my day. It was indeed a wonderful Wednesday !


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