Composite veneer- A simple solution to close the gap – Dr Gan

The space in between two teeth is called a diastema. The space in between two upper centre front teeth is called a midline diastema. It is a common esthetic complaint that drive people to seek help from a dentist.

The cause of a midline diastema varies from individual to individual. One can have midline diastema as the lateral incisors (the number two teeth from midline) are smaller; another can have midline diastema due to the labial frenum (the tiny little thing connecting your upper lip and your gum). One can also have a midline diastema as there is extra tooth in between your two centre tooth that is hidden under the bone.

The decision of whether or not to live with the gap varies. Even though most people perceive it as imperfection, there are successful people like Michael Strahan who thinks it is part of them and are not bothered about it.

Should you decide to eliminate the gap, you have few options to do it. Some people choose to close the gap through orthodontic treatment (wearing braces). This is a good treatment option if you have other problems alongside with the midline diastema. The drawback about this option is it takes longer time and is more expensive.

Another option which most people (especially adult) prefers is composite veneers. I like this option as the result is immediate and it does not take long to do so. Best part of it is that my patient gets to have a say of the shape and we do it together.

Below are two of my cases about closing midline diastema through composite veneers. It only requires single visit and the result is immediate.


Case 1: Before
Case 1 : After









Case 2: Before
Case 2 : After












Should you have the same problem and wonder if you are a good candidate to do the composite veneers, feel free to contact me at 

Thank you.





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