Replacing missing teeth – Dr Tan

As statistics states, 74% of adults have had a tooth extracted!


It is probably higher here in Malaysia knowing that dental awareness is rather low at certain areas, especially the elderly in rural areas.


My father is a good example. My grandparents were not fortunate to receive any form of education, hence my father was never told the importance of teeth. My father said back then when he was a kid, whenever he has a toothache, he would go to the ‘tukang gigi’ have his tooth extracted. Apparently, his peers would be so proud, as though he just became a hero.


Funny story, but true.


I bet this situation still exists, but perhaps not as exaggerated.


Occasionally I notice the younger generation has at least one missing tooth. It really saddens me. Hence, although patients might find me naggy, I would always stress on the proper tooth-brushing technique, usage of floss and mouth wash, as well as the importance of the twice-a-year dental check up.


The story never ends after extracting a tooth. Always plan to replace the missing tooth, be it in the form of denture, bridges or implants.


My apologies, enough with the nagging.
Allow me to share a case I’ve recently done to replace a missing tooth.

Avila here is a very sweet and soft spoken young lady from East Malaysia. She has been working here in Kuala Lumpur for a few years already.

She said she has been searching for the best dentist to fix this gap of hers. She found our Instagram KlinikPergigianFauziah and was very impressed with our work.

I’d like to thank her here again for the trust and confidence she has for all of us here in Klink Pergigian Fauziah.

Immediately she knew she wanted Fibre Reinforced Composite Bridge done to mask the gap.

2 hours later…

Needless to say, she was very happy with the results, given the space available for me to work with was rather limited.

I’m glad to be able to always bring back confident smile to my patients, and very grateful to be entrusted the opportunity to do so.


Dr Tan Swee Ling

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