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The world renowned aesthetic dentist, Dr Walter Devoto, the founder of Style Italiano said in his lecture last year,

“Aesthetic dentistry work is like cooking. There will be a list of ingredients and instructions on how to do a particular food recipe. However, the outcome of it will depends on the creativity of the cook and how he manipulate all the ingredients.”

I was honored to be the student of Dr Walter Devoto

In short, all of us dentists learnt the same recipe. We were given the tips and tricks on how to achieve good results. However, the end results of the work varies between us. It will also not reproducible exactly the same by the same dentist.

I also agree with him that aesthetic dentistry does not just involve only the smile area. It is part of our everyday job to restore aesthetic (beauty) in every case.

In modern dentistry today, we are pressured to become even better everyday. Dentists around the world posted their work online.

Of course it is part of educating the public and other colleagues. It is also part of marketing as patients will not know about our talent, if we do not post it. As simple as that.

In today’s fast pacing dentistry, dentists need to keep updating their knowledge and must never stop learning. Ignorance is a bliss. The best of an ignorant dentist is obviously different from the knowledgeable and skillful ones.

I once heard someone said, “If perfection does not exist why bother?” I would say, well, at least we work to achieve close to perfection right? 

The artist of human’s teeth is God. Of course God-given ideal tooth is perfect, complex and can never be reproducible. Our target is to produce the most natural result.

Dentist today is not like 50 years before. Our work involves being a doctor, engineer and also artist. 🙂 Such an interesting field indeed!

These are the photos of natural looking outcome of the smile makeovers that I have done recently.












My principle in work is to deliver the best to everyone, every single time and to treat them like I treat my own self. I will continue to improve the quality of my work everyday for patient’s best interest.

Striving close to perfection is part of our culture. Sometimes we will need take the time off to ‘sharpen our saw’. In life, we need to have dreams. One of my dreams is to be at par with the world class dentist. With the right intention, passion, hard work and determination, nothing is impossible!

To all our patients, I am humble enough to say, if it not because of all of you, I will not be where I am today. With that, I thank you so much.

From your passionate dentist,

Dr Mawarni


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