Helloooooo everyone!

I’m Dr. Adyan, the newest addition to the warm family here at Klinik Pergigian Fauziah (KPF)! *waving frantically in excitement to everyone reading this*

I’m beyond grateful for this great opportunity of being a KPF family member that Dr. Fauziah has provided me with, and also for the guidance of everyone here in KPF.


That excited face of a new KPF family member!


My first encounter with KPF members was warm, memorable and felt like home – I knew at that moment that these are the people I’ll love working with. Everyone at KPF treats each other as family, they value each other and they always prioritize patients first.


I graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Dental Surgery from University Malaya and have served the Ministry of Health in the bustling city of Putrajaya. I worked with numerous wonderful people and met all kinds of patients, and finally decided to further develop myself by venturing into private practice.


Making my parents proud on my graduation day!


I decided on becoming a dentist since I had my braces done when I was a teen. I literally begged my parents to have braces because I couldn’t stand my badly crooked teeth (I don’t have any photos of my pre-braces days to show you – I think I burned them all hahaha). Long story cut short, I loved my straight teeth after my dentist took my braces off, and I smiled endlessly ‘till my family thought that I was a lunatic (well, a happy lunatic with a great smile anyway 😛)

Jokes aside, it wouldn’t be too much to say that my dentist changed my life for the better, and I wish to do the same too for my patients. It brings pure satisfaction when I see my patients walking out of the room looking happier than when they came in.


When I’m not rocking my dental stuff, I spend my time riding horses. Horses are just incredible – they teach you to be brave and strong-willed. Horse-riding is also a way for me to keep myself fit and healthy so that I can do my job better (you wouldn’t want a sick, low-spirited dentist to work on your teeth, do you? 😀) and live my life to the fullest!

After a Dressage (a discipline of horse-riding) competition with Topaz, the beautiful horse.


During an Endurance (another horse-riding discipline) competition. I rode into the woods at dusk ’till night to complete a 40 km track with this cutie named Bella, with only the help of a headlamp on my helmet.


Since my school days I’ve been playing basketball, netball, and badminton – and I still play them now! It’s always enjoyable to spend time with people while doing things that you love, don’t you think? I also love a game of bowling and will always say yes if anyone asks me out for some bowling (disclaimer: I’m bad at it and I’m just happy with the ball not going into the ditch so don’t complain if I’m on your team!).


At the start of a friendly basketball game with my ex-teammates and juniors when I visited my high school recently. Could you spot which one am I?    (Hint: I’m floating using my non-existent magical powers 😛)


Sometimes I do graphic designing out of pure interest – I’m familiar with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign software. I started out with teaching myself Photoshop about 9 years ago and took every opportunity I got to apply what I learnt – I designed magazine layouts and even helped out a friend’s brother to design his wedding day banner! While I’ll be busy fixing your smile and probably won’t have much time to help you with your wedding cards now, I’ll be more than glad to give a tip or two!


Well, that’s a bit of me.


My journey with KPF has just started and it has been nothing short of awesome. I have so much more to learn and improve – learning is a never-ending process anyway, so I try to enjoy learning as much as I can.


It’s still vivid in my mind when Dr. Fauziah asked me if I made the right decision by joining KPF. I excitedly answered, “Best decision of my life!”.


I’m looking forward in meeting you to give you a better smile!

If you have any enquiries, feel free to forward them to

Lots of love,
Dr. Adyan

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