Nothing you wear is more important than your smile – Dr Gan

“Wow! I have a fashion queen on my chair. ” That was my thought when I had Mummy Sha on my chair and she showed me her annual dinner photos.


Mummy Sha won The Best Dressed Award consecutively 13 years for her company annual dinner. The annual dinner committee team in fact abolished the award because it was so boring that the prize always went to her and they did not want to upset other colleagues. She was always on the go to make herself looks nice and confident. When I asked her about her fashion philosophy, she told me that her daughter encouraged her to dress up, wear colorful clothes to look happy and cheerful.


Even though Mummy Sha always dressed up and appeared confident. However, deep inside her heart, she felt shy whenever she had to speak in front of people. She thought people would look at her teeth instead of focusing about her discussion. Not only that, she always felt that her speech wasn’t clear as the space in between her teeth made certain words difficult to be pronounced.



Her makeover was phased into few visits as she normally came during lunch time. It was always sweet to have her on the chair as her character is so optimistic and she always appreciate what I did for her.


The first visit we started with her two upper front teeth which bothered her the most.


Then, we did the one next to it. It had an old filling and was discolored.



Later on, we proceeded to close the gaps of her lower teeth.Altogether, I did 3 composite veneers for the upper teeth, two veneers for her lower teeth and 1 fibre reinforced composite bridge to close the big gap at her lower teeth.



The best part was that her friends noticed her change but they could not figure out what was the difference. I always considered a makeover that people could not tell is a good makeover, and in this case, I considered it a success.

On her last visit for review, she brought us two big boxes of cream puffs. She thanked me and the whole team who contributed to her makeover. I felt grateful that she appreciated my work as well as the effort of my team. Together, we made the success.

Should you have any inquiry, feel free to contact me at I will be glad to assist you for your makeover.

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