Madam Intan’s New Look : Dr . Dini

When I first saw my last patient on Monday evening, I couldn’t help myself to grin and smile from ear to ear. I recognized this patient of mine despite what was written on my schedule. It had Madam Intan’s name and the staff put a note to indicate that she was a new patient. Yes, she was a new patient for us, but it was not her first time coming to the clinic. Madam Intan always accompany her son and daughter for their dental visit.

You can see the black shadow that madam Intan complaint of.

This time around it was her turn. After the initial chit chatting was over, she straight away tell me the reason for her visit. She mentioned that she didn’t like the way she smile because she could see there was this black shadow on her front teeth. This had prevented her from smiling wide most of the time when she took selfies or being photographed by someone. She also added that this coming May she would be travelling to U.S  for her daughter’s graduation. I was happy to hear this as well, because her daughter, Tasha was also my patient. I did a 2 unit composite veneers for her in 2013 and they are still in good condition. Tasha is studying at Berkeley College in Boston, U.S. A. Madam Intan wanted to look her best for her daughter’s special day. As a mother myself, I could relate to this feeling. Who doesn’t want to look good  for their loved ones? Especially if it involved special occasion like this.

I proposed to Madam Intan a 4 unit composite veneers to get her dream smile. However she was quite reluctant when I touch the right and left lateral incisors. She asked me if I could only do 2 unit composite veneers, which were  on her right and left central incisors. I said, of course I can, but if she was not happy with the result then I would do another 2 unit composite veneers. She happily nodded her head.

Madam Intan was happy with the result.

In less  than one hour, I had completed the treatment and handed her a mirror. “Perfect! just perfect doctor. No need to do the other two.” She said this while looking at me. “Are you sure?” I asked her back. She merely nodded her head while kept looking at the mirror. “I prefer it to be like this. More natural looking.” She answered. “Plus, I don’t want to steal the lime light from Tasha.” She added while smiling to me. As a clinician,  I respect her decision and as the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of  a beholder. 😉

Before exchanging our good byes, Madam Intan said she will come back again next week to do composite veneers on her lower teeth. We locked in her next appointment and I can’t wait to complete this makeover for her. 🙂

See you soon Madam Intan.


Dr. Dini (

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