On a lovely Monday morning, the clinic manager told me I had a veneer patient coming in. It was the start of a new week; I was feeling good and excited to meet the new patient.


A few minutes later, a beautiful lady with a shy smile was sitting across me in my room. She had been following our Instagram page and was amazed by the makeovers done at Klinik Pergigian Fauziah (KPF). After scrolling through many stories on KPF’s Instagram, she made up her mind that she wanted to get her veneers done at KPF.


This beautiful lady named Hayati was uncomfortable with the multiple discoloured fillings on her front teeth and the gap between the right lateral incisor and central incisor. I also noticed that she had a peg lateral incisor on the left side.



The multiple discoloured fillings and caries on her upper front teeth
Caries on the right lateral incisor, and the gap with the adjacent teeth
Peg left lateral incisor












After explaining to her the types of veneers that we can do for her, she opted for composite veneers which was economically better for her and could be done in a single visit. She was going to have a big event that involved meeting people nationwide, so she wanted to look her best for that day.


I asked her to hop on my dental chair, and I picked up my wand (read: dental instruments :P) to start the magic.


At first she didn’t want anything to be done on her peg lateral on the left side. I respected her wish and said that I’ll work on the other three teeth first, then let her decide if she wants to put a veneer on the peg lateral.


I gave her a glimpse on the mirror of her three teeth that I worked on before I polished them, and she was so ecstatic about it she gave me permission to do the veneer on her peg lateral.


After I polished all of her veneers and restorations, I gave her a mirror to have her look at her new smile.


Look at that gorgeous smile after the makeover!
Removed the discoloured filling and closed the gap
Say hello to her beautiful teeth now!












“Wow, it’s so beautiful doc!” She kept looking at herself in the mirror, admiring her new smile.


I clearly do love my job, but at the moment she uttered those words, I knew exactly why I enjoy what I’m doing. Seeing my patients happy with their new smile brings me a great bliss that no words can fully describe.


You know how people had Monday blues? Well, thanks to this lovely patient my Monday was awesome. She walked out of my room with a confident smile and unknowingly I smiled along with her. I really hope she’ll be having a great time at her big event while flashing that great smile to complement her beautiful face and personality.


If you have any enquiries regarding this case or anything that concerns you, drop me your questions at adyan@story.drfauziah.com

Lots of love,
Dr. Adyan

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