Composite Veneers – Dr Tan

Has anyone had Monday blues today?

I cannot deny, I had it too myself earlier. Yes, we dentists have it too ya know?

But not anymore.

And I bet this young man feels the same way too!


Pirman, a tall and handsome young man, who had placed his appointment via our website a week ago, stated that he wanted veneers done. He flew all the way from Sabah! On the day of his appointment, anxious for his makeover, he arrived to the clinic 30min earlier.


I greeted him with a warm welcome, he greeted back but noticed he was shy to smile showing his teeth. Without delaying, we went straight into topic. He mentioned he was not happy with his front teeth, and he showed me his teeth, for the first time. Clearly, there was no need for verbal explanation. Everything was clear to me the second he revealed his teeth.

I gave him a confident smile, and assured him, “ Let’s fix this.”


After two grueling hours, I handed him the mirror. The second he laid eyes on his newly improved teeth, I swear I saw his eye lit up with amazement. But he kept silence. I had to ask,” Boleh tak?”. Pirman broke his silence with a wide grin and shyly replied “Boleh”.

Before sending him off, I gave him some advice on how to care for his newly improved teeth.


Pirman repeatedly thanked us for his amazing makeover. This, took away all my Monday blues. I am so glad my job is not only to treat teeth, but also to bring change to one’s appearance, boosting one’s self-esteem exponentially, to improve one’s social life.

I’d like to express my deepest thanks to Pirman for his trust for me to proceed with this makeover. Wishing you all the best in your future undertakings in Sabah. Till we meet again.

And to the rest of you, have a great week ahead.

With smiles,

Dr. Tan


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3 years ago

Hii doc. I am interested to do the veneers. Can i know the cost to composite veneers. How much for 2-4 teeth.. Tq doc..