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Many patients feel self-conscious about their smile. They do not realize that in most cases something can be done. You can change your smile! You can have a dental makeover and transform your teeth into your dream smile!  A dental makeover can be as simple as professional whitening, or more involved with dental implants. No matter what  the dental makeover procedure, even the smallest changes to your smile can give you the confidence you have been looking for! The following patients had dental concerns that requires dental makeovers. I was there to help them in getting their dream smile 😉

Meet Uzair:

Uzair is in his twenties and he got to know about our clinic from his mother. His mother was also a patient of mine whom I did composite veneers few months back. Uzair wanted to have a more straighter and brighter teeth. During the first visit, I explained to him the treatment that best suits him. What he needed was a full mouth scaling and polishing to restore back his healthy gum and from there, I suggested to do whitening treatment for a brighter teeth and also an 8 unit composite veneers for a straighter teeth. Uzair agreed to my treatment plan. So, on that first visit, we started off with the routine scaling and polishing treatment. I even prescribed him a medicated mouth wash for him to use since he already developing gingivitis. He came two times to finish his makeover. Second visit, to do Zoom! whitening treatment and the third visit being an 8 unit composite veneers. Uzair was really happy with the final outcome of the makeover. A handsome smile for a handsome young man. I love my job. I get to make people happy  and have their dream smile at the same time.

Uzair before the cosmetic treatment
Uzair after the Zoom! whitening treatment.
Taadaa!!! The final outcome of the makeover. A straighter and brighter teeth !








Remember Madam Intan?

I posted a blog last week regarding Madam Intan. She wanted to do a dental makeover before her trip to U.S.A next month. I started off with 2 unit composite veneers on the upper teeth on her first visit last week. Then she came back on Wednesday this week to complete the makeover. 2 unit composite veneers on  the upper teeth and 4 unit composite veneers on the lower teeth was all she needed.

You can see the black shadow that madam Intan complaint of.
Madam Intan was happy with the 2 composite veneers.
Taadaa!!! A complete makeover for Madam Intan.








The satisfaction and happiness that I see from my patients always make me happy too…and it also make me want to do better and give my best to all my patients. If you have any inquiry, feel free to email me at this address:









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