Winning A Smile – Dr Gan

Today my treatment room was full with laughter. I had a group of professional golfers here.  The moment they stepped in, I could feel so much of positive energy. They were young, they were energetic and they were optimistic about life. They giggled, laughed and mocked at each other. I felt so young and immediately got excited to help.

The reason they were in the clinic was to have one of them to do a makeover. Among the group, two of them had makeover with us last year and was very impressed. Hence they introduced their best friend to come for a makeover.

Now let me introduce this young lady, Annisa. She was a professional golfer who traveled around the world for tournaments.  She was young but persistent in what she was doing. She loved what she was doing and was continue fighting to climb up the ladder. I could smell the hard work she went through behind her laugh.

Annisa had a dream, a dream that she could laugh out loud when she won a tournament. This was a dream as she was always embarrassed by her crooked teeth. Her best friend knew it and brought her here hoping that I could help her dream came true.

When I looked at her smile, I thought this was challenging. The two front teeth were not at the same level and the gum margin are not at the same level as well. It meant it would involve quite some adjustment to the gum and the teeth. I discussed with Annisa that I needed to do gingivectomy (cutting part of the gum by laser) and I needed to shorten the longer tooth. With that she might experience sensitivity in the future but she agreed to it.


The whole procedure took about 1.5 hours. I did gingivectomy and four composite veneers for Annisa. The outcome was really excellent. Annisa became so pretty and sweet with her new teeth. She turned from a true sport man to a 100% sweet lady. I had to keep emphasizing the word “sweet” because she really looked like a whole new person after the makeover. Nobody ever described her smile as sweet, but now it looked perfect with her big round eyes. Even she herself admitted that she never knew she had the sweet looking smile and she mocked at herself that probably it was time to find a boyfriend. You knew how happy and confident she became when she said that.


I was really happy that I was able to help. It once again opened my eyes and showed me what I could do to change someone life. Annisa changed from someone who smiled with hand covering her mouth, to a lady with sweet smile. My heart was content with my work. What else can you ask for to have a job which offers help and change people life?

Should you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact me at or you can call 03-6206 3068 to make an appointment with us.

Thank you.





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