A long awaited trip to Kangaroo Land – Dr Gan

Thank you my parents who raised us up and made us who we are today. From left: my younger sister who is a dentist, my husband who is a game developer, my daughter and me, my father, my elder sister who is a pediatrician and her son, my mother and my brother who is a doctor in Singapore.



I love travel. It was a deal between my husband and me that we will go somewhere every year. Be it near or far.

However, the deal changed since we had our little angel in 2015. We did not go anywhere in 2016 since were newbie parents.

In year 2017, I went to Taiwan with my parents without my husband.

This year, finally we made it to Perth. Hurray!!!


How can we have no kangaroo in a kangaroo land?


More kangaroo














Not only that this was my first trip together with my husband and daughter, but also this was my first trip together with my whole family. All of us, my parents, my brother and sisters, ALL OF US!!! We made it to go travel together for the first time! The first in my 34 years! Clap clap for all of us!


My handsome brother in law and all of us!
Group photo together at some random place while walking in Perth CBD














It was a 7 days trip to Perth. It took 5.50 hours to fly from KLIA to Perth. The weather was good, 10 degree Celsius to 25 degree Celsius. (I always prefer cold weather as Malaysia is just too hot).


This was a trip involving a big group (10 of us) with different age group. We did not make it to many places, but there were a lot of family bonding time. The kids enjoy running up and down in the park. I thought that was the whole purpose for all of us to go somewhere together.


At Kings Park


Yes! You see it right! Potty on the head! @.@













It was really tiring to bring 10 people for a trip, especially when the group involve elderly and kids. However, I thought it was worth it.

If you ask me what was the best place in Perth? I probably said I do not know. All I can recall now are the sweet faces that laughed and that were the best memories I have for this whole trip.




Thank you for always being there to support me.


Last but not least, I want to dedicate this blog post to my beloved husband who is always there to support me. We went through good and bad, up and down. We fought, we laughed. No matter how, we will continue our life journey together.

This was the first family trip together and this is not going to be the last.

I look forward for the many many family trips together in the future.

I believe that only a person who love and being loved can do good in whatever he is doing. With all the supports from my family, I am going to be a good wife, good mother, good daughter, good sister and hopefully a good dentist to you.







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