Returning Confidence – Dr. Adyan

I met one lovely young woman this week, she entered my room and greeted me with a soft voice. She was very soft-spoken, and smiled shyly.


This beautiful lady was concerned of one of her front tooth being discoloured and crooked. She said, whenever she smiled, she’d feel uncomfortable because that crooked tooth would be noticeable and that bothered her all the time.


Front view of her smile. One tooth was discoloured and crooked, the other tooth had a discoloured filling and also slightly crooked


After chatting with her, she revealed that when she was little, something hard knocked her teeth and caused her intense pain. Later, she stopped feeling any pain but her teeth became discoloured.


Smile viewed from the right side. Notice how the discoloured tooth juts out
View from the left side














I advised her to complete root canal treatment for the tooth and proposed internal bleaching followed by veneers or braces (to correct the alignment of the crooked tooth).


She wasn’t keen on having braces and will come again to complete her root canal treatment, but for that visit she would like to have composite veneers first to mask the discolouration and improve the alignment.


She’s a very patient lady and sat calmly throughout the hour until the veneers were completed.



Her new smile 🙂 It looks much better in real life than in pictures!
New smile viewed from right side
View from left side
















As soon as she looked in the mirror, she was ecstatic of her new smile! Before she left she shook my hand happily while flashing her beautiful smile.


I was glad I could help her smile more proudly now. And I’m very positive all of her pictures now will have her smiling widely and confidently.


Drop me a comment or at if you have any enquiries 🙂


Lots of love,

Dr. Adyan


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