The Smile She Had Been Dreaming For – Dr. Adyan

Initially, Mrs. F came for a tooth extraction of her back tooth that had been badly decayed for a while and caused her pain. I did a full check-up on her and noted that she really needed that extraction. But also, I noticed that her two front teeth are discoloured and slightly crooked.




Discoloured and crooked front teeth with visible dark fillings



Comparing the discoloured tooth shade to an A4 shade


We had a chat and she told me it had been like that for years. She had done pulp extirpation on those two teeth a long time ago because it was painful, but afterwards she stopped experiencing any pain from the front teeth and never completed her root canal treatment. She was bothered by the dark tooth colour but didn’t really know what to do with them.


I explained to her the best treatment plan for the two teeth is to complete the root canal treatment, then do internal bleaching to improve the teeth colour, and add veneers to mask the discolouration and mildly correct the alignment of the teeth (a better solution for correcting the alignment is to have braces, which I also proposed to her).


On the next visit, she said she would continue her root canal treatment later but wishes to improve the discolouration and alignment with composite veneers first. So we discussed together on the final shade of the teeth and how it would look like.


And voila, here’s the final result.


The teeth are now in better shade and alignment. Notice how her smile improves dramatically 🙂


While in my eyes the two teeth may still look slightly darker than the adjacent teeth, Mrs. F finds the teeth shade satisfying and suited her well, she doesn’t want the shade to be any brighter. And I grinned  widely when I heard her say that, because as long as she is happy with her new smile, that is all that matters. After all, we can always alter the shade later if she changes her mind.


I’m a happy dentist when my patients are happy! 🙂


If you have any enquiries regarding this case or anything else I can help you with, drop them at the comments section below or at


Lots of love,

Dr. Adyan

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