Getting rid of the gap! – Dr Tan

Hello to all my beautiful smiles.

It’s already the month of Ramadhan!

Have you started the preparation already?


The excitement of shopping for new clothes, the hustle at home to make sure the house is sparkling clean to welcome beloved guests, and let’s not forget about our pearly whites. They need the tender, loving care to welcome the festival with the best of smile you can ever have. Be it a simple cleaning, or whitening or even aesthetic procedures to bring back the confidence in you.


Guess what lovelies, if you have been thinking of getting yourself a smile makeover, you’re in luck! In conjunction with this year’s celebration, we are having Veneers or Whitening promotion, which comes with FREE scaling & a whitening toothpaste.

So for those of you who have been contemplating getting yourself veneers OR was considering whitening, now I’d say is a GOOD deal.

My beautiful smiles, you know where to find us, hurry log in your appointment with us for a friendly consultation with us!


Speaking of Veneers, I’d like to share a case I’ve recently had the privilege of doing.

Veneers can be done for various reasons:

~Unaesthetic teeth, in terms of shape, color, size

~Gap between teeth

~Chipped teeth


In this particular case, it’s about gap closing.


Sweet lady here has a front tooth that is smaller in size, resulting in an obvious gap. She has always been very conscious about it, and she admits it bothers her as well. She also mentioned that she would like to fix the black triangle in between the upper central incisors.


And Composite Veneers were agreed upon.




She has also wanted one of her lower front tooth to be fixed. Hence, a total of 4 veneers have been done.
Can you spot which 4? 😉


Till next entry,

Dr Tan Swee Ling

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