Single tooth whitening for Nazri: Dr Mawarni

Nazri came to me complaining of blackish front tooth.. He had root canal treatment done for that particular tooth many years back. His main concern is to make the tooth appear white and natural again.

He was referred by his aunty as she also had the same exact problem and was satisfied with the outcome of the treatment done.

Nazri’s tooth staining was mainly because of  the breakdown of red blood cells as the pulp cells were dying. The cause of the problem might be due to history of trauma impact or caries. I could also noted the 2 front central incisors were chipped off slightly.

Nazri had root canal treatment(RCT) done in USM Kubang Kerian by a dental student. The status of the RCT was still in good condition. Another reason the tooth was dark after RCT  was also due to incomplete removal of the root canal filling material.

Since there was still a lot of natural tooth structure left, I suggested him to do internal bleaching.

Internal bleaching is a procedure whereby the tooth is whitened from within. This treatment requires only 2 short visits.

Top: Nazri’s smile before treatment
Bottom: Nazri’s smile after treatment

During the first visit we will place a small cotton soaked with the whitening gel into the cavity. Then, a temporary filling will be placed. The tooth needs to be reviewed after 2 weeks.

On that 2nd visit, the tooth is usually much whiter than the previous dark color. If you are still not satisfied with the ‘whiteness’, the same step will be repeated to get better result without any additional cost.

The 2nd step will be placement of composite material as the final restoration (filling).

In Nazri’s case, I did some touch up for his 2 chipped front teeth via normal composite, the tooth colored filling material.

The procedure was painless, simple, fairly cheap and non invasive. As for the result, the pictures shown speak for itself. I am very happy with the outcome. I am confident he is absolutely satisfied too :).

In conclusion, not all root treated tooth must be crowned. We are moving towards minimally invasive dentistry. In other words, the more natural tooth structure is preserved, the better.

If you have the same problem as Nazri’s, drop by for at least a check up & consultation first. I would be more than pleased to help!

Drop me a comment at I would like to hear from you :).

Best regards,

Dr. Mawarni

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irlya shazwani
irlya shazwani
1 year ago

hi dr, may i know the cost for each tooth if want to further this treatment?

2 years ago

hi. may i know how much does it cost for the single tooth whitening?