A Charming Smile for Raya – Dr Adyan

As people age, many tend to believe that it’s natural to lose teeth. It actually causes a big impact on the quality of life for people who have lost their teeth. It hinders you from eating the food you like, talking as fluently as you want, meeting people comfortably and so much more.


Well, you shouldn’t be losing your teeth as you age. Your teeth are meant to last in your mouth for a lifetime, if you take care of it well.


For those who have unfortunately lost some or all of their teeth, fret not. Dentistry has progressed in so many ways that there are numerous solutions you can choose from.


While one of the best ways to replace missing teeth is by having implants, it is not suitable for everyone. Every patient is unique and different, so here at Klinik Pergigian Fauziah we take all contributing factors into consideration when planning your treatment.


Meet my patient, a male of early 40’s who have lost most of his teeth. It’s difficult for him to eat, and also to meet people confidently. He also appears to look older than his age due to his missing teeth.


Most of his teeth are missing. Upper lip profile has collapsed due to the absence of front teeth. He also can’t chew properly because none of his remaining upper and lower teeth meet.


After going through all of the treatment options to replace his teeth, we both agreed upon constructing dentures to replace his upper and lower missing teeth.


The process of getting dentures done requires multiple visits to ensure that patients get a comfortable and satisfying denture. In his case, the denture was completed in 4 visits, in a little over 2 weeks.


Are you ready to see how he looks like with his dentures?



Look at that smile!


I think we can all agree that he looks a lot better, and definitely has a more charming smile. When he came for his review visit, he was smiling proudly all the time. Now he can enjoy breaking fast in Ramadhan eating the food he enjoys, and later celebrate Raya joyfully without covering his mouth when smiling!


If you have any enquiries, do drop a comment or contact me via adyan@story.drfauziah.com


Lots of love,

Dr. Adyan

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