A smile worth waiting for: Dr Nik

I first saw Mr David mid last year for a check up and consultation on beautifying his upper front teeth.  I remembered that day when he nervously came in and told me that he’s afraid of coming to a dental clinic and had not been to one for ages. He mustered up his courage when he saw his brother’s crooked teeth  smile transformation that I did and wondered if he can have one too (I did composite veneers on his brother’s teeth to make it straighter).

Crooked teeth before treatment

“I need to check your teeth first before I can say yes or no”  I said and started the session with normal check up and diagnosis. From the initial examination, his teeth are suitable for composite veneers to make it look straighter but he had gum problem that I need to address first before I can proceed with the veneer.

Now a straighter looking teeth!

Finally, after almost a year, he came in for composite veneer treatment. After discussing my plan and informed him the limitation that we will have in designing and sculpting his new smile, he gave me green light to proceed.

It took around 1.5 hours for me to complete the treatment and he was all smiling when he saw his new ‘teeth’ and smile. “Wow…it looks so much better now doctor…thank you, I’m so happy” he said and so was I. As he was leaving the clinic, I reminded him of his next regular appointment for check up and scaling to maintain healthy gum.

Till we meet again Mr David!


If you have any inquiries, do contact me at nik@story.drfauziah.com


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