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Men nowadays are different from the past. They are more conscious these days about their appearance than their forefathers. It is no longer something strange for men to go for facial or hair grooming. The same trend happens in dentistry. We now see more male patients coming to fix their teeth. No doubt a gentleman with nice teeth and nice smile helps to boost his confident not only at socializing, but also at work.


Mr Rama was quite concerned about the gaps between his lower teeth

Mr Rama, a father of two, came asking if I could help him to improve his teeth. His job requires him meeting people in various occasions. He did not feel very comfortable with the gaps between his lower teeth.

Looking at his teeth, I knew immediately that I was able to help.

Mr Rama was interested to whiten his teeth and closed the gaps. I discussed with him about our Raya promotion and he got very excited about it. It was a good deal as he got free scaling and polishing along with free whitening toothpastes. =)



The color of the teeth improved from A3 to A1



First of all, I did a scaling and polishing to remove all the calculus. Then, I did whitening for him. The result was satisfying as the shade went from A3 to A1, quite a tremendous change.





Finally, the highlight was the 6 composite veneers to fix the gaps.

Mr Rama was extremely happy with the outcome of the treatments. He also brought home two whitening toothpastes to help him maintain the sparkling new teeth.

Want to be more confident and more attractive? Mr Rama took his first step and what are you still waiting for? Book an appointment with us now for our Raya promotion!

Should you have any inquiry, please contact me at ganshouwan@drfauziah. com and I am always ready to help! =)


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