Periodontitis, the silent but dangerous disease – Dr. Shanaz

Periodontitis, or better known as the infection of the gums and surrounding structures is one of the most commonest diseases that affects humans. Characterised by mobile teeth, receding gums, reddish bleeding gums, exposed roots of teeth, thick calculus, bad breath, and many more.

Pain is usually not present and therefore resulting in the presentation of this disease at the later and irreversible stages. If pain is present, it usually is because the disease has progress to developing a periodontal abscess at certain teeth OR the increased sensitivity of exposed roots on teeth involved.

Why can it be dangerous? Because periodontitis just doesn’t affect the gums, but it affects the bones and other structures supporting the teeth, such as the periodontal ligaments, connective tissue and others. At certain times and when the host immune system is low, this disease can progress into further infections, pus accumulation and discharge, swelling, bone destruction, and many more.

Severe periodontitis with thick calculus build up


Though pretty harmless in the early stages, it would be the best time to treat this disease before it progresses to stages where the effects of the disease are irreversible and difficult to treat.

Treatment can be as simple as the routine scaling, subgingival scaling, root debridement and root planning, oral hygiene instructions and maintenance. Further complications and severe periodontitis might require treatment such as extraction, full mouth scaling, multiple reviews and dentures as replacement of the teeth loss.

The best way however, is to prevent yourself from ever acquiring periondontitis in the first place. As we’ve all heard it before, the ultimate prevention is to visit your dentist every 6 months for your routine scaling and polishing, practising the correct method of brushing, avoiding bad habits such as smoking and keeping your oral hygiene at an optimum level by brushing your teeth twice daily.

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