Nazirah dream smile : Dr Dini

Have you ever wondered why we have baby teeth? Some people might be tempted to think baby teeth doesn’t matter since we lose them eventually, but our starter  set of teeth, known as milk teeth or decidous teeth are equally very important.

We are born with 20 primary teeth already in our jaw. teething begins between 6 months to 24 months of age and by age 3, children usually have their full complete set of baby teeth. At this stage also, although we can’t see it, permanent teeth are forming within the jaw while children baby teeth are in use. Baby teeth are placeholders for permanent teeth and serve as a guide for where they should grow in. Usually, by the age of 12 years old the baby teeth is fully exfoliated and replaced by the permanent teeth.

However, do you know that some adult retain their baby teeth? Yes! This can happen more frequently than most people think. When permanent tooth is missing or fails to erupt, the baby tooth may remain intact.

Before- Noticed the baby teeth on the lower jaw.

This was what happened to Nazirah. She came last 2 month requesting for consultation regarding her lower front milk teeth that was shaking badly. She didn’t bother about it before, because it was firm but when she took a bite of hard muruku, she had a sharp pain and she realized the teeth became shaky and she was afraid that she might swallowed it during sleep or worst, the teeth might fall out during eating in public. That would be a total nighmare right? :'(

Once I completed the examination , I suggested to do a 4 unit bridge for Nazirah. Nazirah did her research on the procedure of bridge , 🙂 and lucky me, I didn’t have to explain in details what was it about. The only thing she was curious was the cost of the bridge. Hahahahaha….  After informing her the cost, she nodded and gave me the green light to proceed. Nazirah had to come 3 times to achieved her dream smile . On the first visit, I extracted her two baby teeth and prepared her her permanent teeth for the bridge. While waiting for her actual bridge to be ready, I put Nazirah on temporary bridge which she will be using for one and half months until the extraction site healed.

One and half month later, Nazirah came in for her 2nd visit and after seeing her gum is properly healed, I took an impression of it, send it to the laboratory for the technician to construct her actual bridge.

Taaadaa… Nazirah’s new look. A 4 unit bridge was placed on the lower jaw.

The 3rd visit (the final one) was a week ago. Nazirah came in for fitting of her bridge and walla…. the bridge was perfect! It matched the shape of her permanent teeth and most importantly it looked like her own teeth. 🙂

“Do have a look Nazirah”. I said as I passed her a mirror. Nazirah smiled wide and kept thanking me. She left the clinic with a smile on her face and I had one on mine too…. Won’t you had one too if you’re able to help a person and making them happy?

Kindly email me at if you have any questions and I will be gladly answer it.

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