By now I think, most of you readers especially our social media followers knew or heard about this promotion. It is half way into Ramadhan and Syawal is just around the corner. Why don’t dazzle everyone you know this Syawal with a bright and beautiful smile?

I am not going to share the details of the promotion here because you guys knew it already, but if you don’t know the details or haven’t heard about the promotion, do contact our branches and our helpful Clinic Managers will explained to you what is it about.

What I am about to share is, few cases of  my patients that had grabbed  this promotion and went home happily with their new smiles. 🙂

Case 1:

Khidie  wanted to have a brighter and whiter smile same like his brother, Uzair. His brother had a teeth whitening treatment a month ago with us and the result was amazing. While, Aimy wanted a brighter and whiter smile for this coming Syawal. The result for these 2 patients? STUNNING!

Aimy, before and after whitening treatment.
Khidie, before and after whitening treatment.












Case 2:


A combination of Zoom!Whitening treatment and 4 unit composite veneers is all Sharifah needed to achieved her dream smile. Was she happy? I can say this, she was extremely SATISFIED with the result.

Sharifah’s new smile.
Sharifah-Before and after the Zoom! Whitening treatment.












Case 3 :


FRIDAY! Time to go make stories for Monday~ Anonymous.

I found this quote on Pinterest and it reminded me on this 2 siblings who had makeovers done last Friday. Syafikah and Shahirah wanted a brand new smile for them to enter their new chapter of life with confidence. Syafikah was about to enter her working life while Shahirah was about to enter her university life. A brand new smile for a brand new world and a whole new stories to be write up in their diaries.

Syafikah’s brand new smile. 4 unit composite veneers was all she needed
Shahirah’s new smile. No more blackish appearance tooth.














The promotion is still on going till this June 13. Do email me at or contact our branches for more information.

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