What a Girl Wants – Dr Adyan

Miss H was in deep slumber and had a great sleep that night. She woke up feeling energetic and ready for the day, but then she felt something was wrong.


She glanced at the mirror to have a look at her teeth and was shocked to see her two front teeth had chipped off while she was sleeping. She is very particular about her teeth and will notice if anything happened to her teeth.


As a girl myself, I understood how she must had felt. It’s the two front teeth, even if it’s a small chipping; I wouldn’t feel comfortable to flash a smile to anyone and have them look at my chipped-off teeth.


As Miss H sat on my dental chair and opened up her mouth, I was determined to fix it so that she can smile confidently again. While to some people it only appeared as a small defect on her teeth, it was a big deal for her and I couldn’t have agreed more.


Here’s what her chipped off teeth looked like:

 A better look at the chipped off teeth
Notice the chipped off part at the edge of her two front teeth














After some quick fix, she can now smile beautifully again:

A minor fix on both her front teeth was all she needed


What a girl wants is just to be confident and happy about her smile, and this pretty lady is doing just about that! Look at how she’s smiling beautifully again.


If you feel uncomfortable about your smile, please don’t hesitate to come and see us. There are a number of options and ways for us to help you out.


So drop in your comments or inquiries at adyan@story.drfauziah.com or better yet book an appointment with us!


Lots of love,
Dr. Adyan

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