Saying Goodbye To The Gaps – Dr Adyan



Notice the gaps between her upper front teeth


“It has always been like this since these teeth erupted.”


That’s what my patient said when she showed me her teeth. She is indeed a pretty lady with a kind face but I noticed she always smiled shyly while she was talking to me, and the reason behind that shy smile was the gaps between her upper front teeth.


Besides the gaps, her other teeth were fine and most importantly her oral hygiene was ama-za-zing! (Sorry, kindly excuse me for always being excited when patients have great oral hygiene) 😀


When she came to me, she already knew what she wanted.


“I would like to have composite veneers on my teeth. Can I?”


I was elated to hear this patient had been following our Instagram and looked at multiple cases to finally decide that she wants her composite veneers done at Klinik Pergigian Fauziah.


So I whipped out my drills and instruments, and worked on her teeth. We started with a free scaling and polishing as she was entitled to our Raya promo (4 unit composite veneers with free scaling and polishing!), and then proceeded to creating the veneers. I’ll admit it was challenging to close the gaps while ensuring the teeth size and ratio are acceptable, but it was all worth the effort.



Her new pearls. Kindly excuse the lighting when I took this picture.


She smiled ever so sweetly when we finally finished and I handed her a mirror for her to have a look at. I couldn’t help but admire her new smile, and she did too. This pretty lady had became more radiant by just closing the gaps between her teeth.


I’m truly grateful for her trust in me, and I hope she knows that she had made me happier by allowing me to fix her smile. Now she can visit her relatives during Raya with this gorgeous smile!


If you’ve got any questions about this case or any other case in general, drop a comment or send them to


Lots of love,

Dr. Adyan

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