Little Man Makeover – Dr Gan

Everyone has the right to look great, irregardless of age. Do you agree?

Last week, I had a special makeover request for a very young gentleman.

How young? 5 years old.

To be exact, the request actually came from the mother. This young gentleman had a crooked front tooth that was growing side way and part of it was fractured. The mother found it really annoying to see it everyday.

She brought him to different clinics but everyone told her that it was just a milk tooth and nobody bothered to do anything for him.

Being a mother myself, I totally understand the concern of a mother.

However, as a dentist, I understand also the difficulty to do a beautiful filling that could last.

Hence, I started with explaining why most of the dentists hesitated to do something for the tooth.

  1. To do a filling for a five-year-old is challenging.
  2. To do a composite filling for a five-year-old is very challenging.
  3. To do a composite filling for a five-year-old and ensure that it will last for 2 years is super challenging.

I discussed with the mother why was the procedure challenging and whether it was economically viable.

Mother understood the challenges that we were facing and agreed to work together with us.

With that, we proceeded to do a small makeover for the young gentleman.

Before: One of the middle teeth was not straight and it fractured


After: The little man felt so happy with his new beautiful teeth. He didn’t need to be teased by his friends anymore!


My little patient was so happy after the teeth were corrected. He didn’t need to worry anymore for his friends to tease him!

Should you have any problem with your children teeth, please do not hesitate to contact me at I will be glad to discuss how we can help.

Thank you and have a nice day!


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