A Change in Smile, A Boost in Confidence – Dr Adyan

A few days before celebrating Hari Raya, I was given a great opportunity to meet this one male patient of mine who had a rather interesting case. He came very early in the morning, more than an hour before his appointment time which showed his determination.


After greeting each other, he proceeded to sit on the dental chair and let out all of his concerns regarding his teeth.


He was very unhappy with how his two upper central incisors looked like, and also there were noticeable gaps between his upper and lower teeth. What’s more interesting was, for a guy in his 20’s, he still had his deciduous lateral incisors which normally should’ve fallen off at 8-9 years-old of age! He previously took an x-ray which showed that he didn’t have any permanent lateral incisors so he was very unwilling to extract the retained deciduous teeth.


I also noticed that the midline was off, and his occlusion plane was slanted, you can see how the teeth appears to be at a higher position as it progresses to the left side.


This was his teeth appearance when he came:













I was aware that it was a very challenging case, but at the same time very grateful that he had put his trust in me to bring him a greater smile. After explaining to him his treatment options and the challenges that we might face, we both agreed on proceeding with whitening to brighten his tooth shade and 9 units of composite veneers to modify the teeth shape and close the gaps.


It was a slightly lengthy process as it involved a lot of teeth, but he was a very good and understanding patient, willing to be very co-operative to get the best treatment. During the whole procedure I always gave him the mirror and asked if he agrees with how I shaped the composite veneers. If he said yes, only then I’d proceed with the other teeth.


Finally, here’s the result:




Would you look at how beautiful that smile is? And I certainly could feel how confident he was after the makeover. Although rehydration of the teeth and veneers after 24 hours would give a better picture of his smile, I already felt that this was a much better smile compared to before!


I sincerely thank him for his trust in me, and I hope that he will always have that great smile wherever he goes. I really, really do love my job!


If you have any enquiries or would like to contact me, do drop a comment or email me at adyan@story.drfauziah.com


Lots of love,

Dr Adyan

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nurzana basheer
nurzana basheer
5 years ago

how about the payment?