Supermom’s Makeover – Dr Tan

Tiffany has not been pleased with her teeth for the longest time, and today, she has mustered a huge deal of courage and decided to do something about it.


She is an event organizer, which means she is required to meet people constantly, meetings after meetings, client after client to discuss details to get the event unfold smoothly as vision.


She stressed that her teeth has always been her insecurities. She was never be able to have a spontaneous laugh without needing to cover her mouth, or she would feel uncomfortable when people stare at her teeth while she talks.


She had a crown and multiple fillings done years ago. She complained that her teeth are not only yellow, there were multiple shades of yellow, she also noticed the color of the gums above the crown is starting to appear greyish.



To restore her confidence, she was ready to invest in her smile.

We have agreed on replacing the crown with a ceramic one, and the rest of her upper front teeth with veneers, also made of ceramic.

This make over was intense as it involved having the dental technician to work through the Raya Weekend. Through this case I was able to truly comprehend the importance of communication between and dentist, technician and also with patient. Thank goodness for smartphones and the Internet.


The above pictures were taken right after placement of the crown and veneers.

Below are pictures after Zoom! whitening procedure, one week later.

This superwoman who also happen to be a mother of two, is very pleased with the results.

Well, what do you think? Perhaps you’d like this for yourself?

Do drop by at the Publika branch, I will be working there from now on, along side our beloved Dr Fauziah & Dr Gan.
Or you can email me at

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