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Everyone wishes to have a dazzling and charming smile. It’s amazing how beautiful teeth can instantly improve your smile and overall look. Hence, there’s been increasing awareness about dental makeover in the past few years. Unfortunately, many people had their makeover but are not entirely happy about the makeover.

I had Miss Mag on my dental chair two weeks ago asking for help.

Mag was concerned about her existing composite veneers

Looking at her composite veneers, I wish to highlight few things:

  1. Color of the composite veneers is very critical. Everyone wishes to have “sparkling white” teeth. However, most of us do not have paper white teeth. An opaque white color teeth, in my humble opinion, may not work for everyone.
  2. Cleanliness is crucial. The teeth and gum love clean environment. If you do not brush your teeth well and do not floss, the composite veneers will be upset and they will start to fall apart. Please make sure that you floss and brush your teeth well.
  3. Maintenance is mandatory. Composite veneers are just like our car, they too need maintenance. Please go for a regular dental check up, especially if you have cosmetic dental treatment done. In case there is problem with the composite veneers, please get the dentist to check and repair it. Trust me, all dentists wish their works to be appreciated and to be in good shapes at all time. All of us will be happy to polish or repair your veneers if there is a need.

In Mag’s case, I discussed all the above with her and we decided to change 6 of her upper composite veneers.

Now Mag had a more natural smile

I do not dare to say that I had done perfect flawless composite veneers for her. Nevertheless, I tried my best to give her a more natural smile. I am confident to say that people would stop staring at her teeth wondering what was wrong,but to admire her sweet and beautiful smile from the day onwards.

If you are thinking of a makeover, or you just want some opinions on how your smile can be improved, please do not hesitate to visit me, Dr Gan Shou Wan at Klinik Pergigian Fauziah in Publika branch. I will be more than happy to design your dream smile together with you.

Thank you and have a nice day.

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