Annoying tooth vs pretty smile: Dr Mawarni

Jaja is a petite young mother of two. She came right before Hari Raya to improve her smile.

She had browsed through smile makeover ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos in our Instagram posts and came across a case that was done by me. The case was almost similar to her problem.

As a result, she came to me and showed the photo and wanted a prettier smile.

“I found my retained milk tooth here is annoying,” she said as she pointed to a retained primary canine tooth.

The canine tooth was jutting out and looked very obvious. I would say, the first thing that I saw when she smiled was that tooth. A very ‘glaring’ tooth. No wonder it annoyed her so much. She never smile with her teeth visible. Such a pity!

Jaja had slightly crowded front teeth. She did not want to align the teeth using braces and preferred correcting with other faster option.

She also had a condition we call as ‘crossbite’. In her case, the upper right canine tooth was tucked in and appeared like tooth less. That was her complaint too.

I told her that I could adjust her existing teeth and make the teeth appear straighter without actually moving them like braces. She agreed with the plan. She could not wait to have a better smile for Raya.

My only limitation was to push back her left lateral incisor tooth. It was do-able. However, she needs to undergo elective root canal treatment which was not advisable.

She understood the limitation and we proceeded with the composite veneers treatment.

Jaja went back home satisfied with her pretty smile. Now, she could smile without having to worry of the ‘annoying’ tooth appearance.

Sometimes it takes only a change in one or a few teeth to make a big difference in your smile.

Congratulations Jaja! You just did something that improves your quality of life! Don’t forget to flaunt your new smile. =)

What about you? Don’t like the way your smile look? Book an appointment with us to know the solutions.

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