How Her Courage Brought Her A Great Smile – Dr Adyan

“Can you have a look at my teeth?” she asked.


Maybe it’s a side-effect of my work, but when I first look at someone my eyes automatically land on their teeth without them having to ask me to (I think all dentists have this ‘problem’!). For this lady, it was obvious what she was concerned of. From the moment she stepped into the room, I noticed the big gap between her two front teeth.



“Yeah, I can see that.” I said, understanding what her problem was.


Miss T had been feeling very annoyed with this large gap between her teeth since the teeth first erupted when she was 6 years-old. She grew up ignoring it because she was afraid to go to the dentist. She’s now happily married and blessed with a child, but she still couldn’t get over that gap between her teeth.


So she mustered up her courage and finally came to Klinik Pergigian Fauziah in Menara Centara.


She wanted a quick fix so I suggested for veneers, either porcelain or composite, to close the gap. After a few moments to think, she decided to proceed with composite veneers to close the large gap.


In addition to the large gap, her two front teeth appeared to be crooked towards the side. This made the gap even bigger towards the edge of the teeth (the gap measured 4 mm and widened to 5mm towards the tooth edge). Another difficulty was, she naturally has short teeth. This imposed the problem of having her teeth look broader after we close the gap. All of these were discussed together with her, and she agreed to give composite veneers a try even if the teeth might look slightly broader as she understood that the gap was really big too.


Before I started working on the veneers, I could already see how nervous she was. This was her first dental treatment since her school days so she finds it somewhat terrifying. She even asked me to close the door because she’s afraid she might scream!


So instead of picking up my instrument right away, I took a few minutes to calm her down and assured her that the procedures to do her veneers are totally pain-free, and I explained to her step by step so she could completely understand what we’re doing. She inhaled a few deep breaths, gave me a smile and let me proceed.


And as expected, she didn’t even make a sound! She appeared calm and relaxed during the whole treatment. I even stopped a few times to ask if she’s okay – she smiled and said she’s feeling great.




We both agreed she looked amazing! She was smiling awkwardly when she had the gap, but now, her smile just appeared naturally and beautifully.


I congratulated her for a whole new beautiful smile and for her courage to finally come and solve the gap problem!


So what do you think of her new smile compared to her previous one? Do you have a problem similar to this too? Don’t be shy or afraid to contact us,  I’ll always be glad to help 🙂


Drop a comment or send any enquiries to


See you soon!


Lots of love,

Dr. Adyan

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