A Wedding Blessing – Dr Gan

This is just another Sunday like any other Sunday for most people as I am writing this blog.

However, this is going to be the most special Sunday for Francis. By today, he will continue his life journey with an additional role, a husband.

He came on Tuesday, rather late in the evening together with his sister. He told me that he never had a dental visit because he did not think there was a need to do so. Out of curiosity, I asked him the reason that brought him to the clinic; and the answer was simple – It’s his wedding on Friday.

What he needed was really simple. He asked for a scaling. Scaling and polishing was probably one of the most common dental services that a patient would ask for. However, this time I felt like a mission. The mission to make sure Francis could smile confidently and had the best smile recorded on his big day.

Calculus and stains on Francis teeth disturbed his smile

I carried out my mission with big heart, checking several times to make sure that he would have his best smile in front of the camera before I handed a mirror to him. He smiled at the mirror, confidently. I smiled at him, satisfyingly.

Francis is ready to smile!

What did I learn from this service? I realized that I truly love my job not because of the big things that I can do to wow people. Small thing like this actually means a lot in someone life and I feel honor to be able to help.

To Francis and his family, congratulation!

To the reader who is reading this post, please join me to give the blessing to the newlywed couple.

To those who needs a dental service, feel free to contact me and share your story with me. I will be most honored to be part of your life.

For any inquiries, feel free to contact me at ganshouwan@story.drfauziah.com

Enjoy your Sunday!


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