Yes, you read it right!It’s not a hoax or fake news. You CAN have your smile that you’ve been wanting for ages in just 1 visit. Be it a straighter , well aligned teeth or a brighter and whiter teeth. A simple composite restoration,  composite veneer or teeth whitening treatment can help to achieve your dream smile.

Here are few cases I did in the previous week.

A whiter and brighter teeth with our Zoom! Whitening treatment
She was ecstatic when she saw how white her teeth was after completed the Zoom! Whitening treatment











2 unit composite veneers was all Ryan needed to achieve his dream smile.
3 unit composite veneers in less than one hour for Maya.











Alia requested to do crown for her chipped tooth. Instead I suggested for her to do composite restoration which is minimally invasive to the teeth. The result? Amazing!!! She was all smiling when she left our clinic. 🙂

Now.. let me share the benefits of having a straighter and whiter teeth with you.

1. Self-Confidence Boost 

It’s amazing the difference patients report feeling after just one professional teeth-whitening session with us.Whiter teeth have been shown to lead to a boost in self-confidence!

2. First Impression

First impressions are so important in the building of relationships socially, romantically and even professionally. The boost of self-confidence you get from whiter teeth allows you to carry yourself better, making for a more positive first impression.

3. Career Enhancement 

There are few surveys conducted  said people believed a smile not perceived as attractive (that is straighter and whiter teeth) can harm career progress. As unfair as it sounds, sadly this is true.

4. Steals the Spotlight 

People who are unhappy with other areas of their face such as wrinkles or fine lines often find a whiter and straighter teeth helps steal the spotlight, keeping the focus on the new smile rather than other areas of the face they’re less happy with.

5. Friendlier Appearance

People who smile more often are perceived as friendlier, according to research. When you have a well aligned teeth the boost in your self-confidence often causes you to smile more, making you seem friendly, open and easy to get along with.

6. Better Overall Oral Health 

When a patient invests the time and money into teeth whitening  the results are so exciting they are much more likely to continue to take better care of their teeth in order to make the results last as long as possible. This boost in daily care is great for your teeth and gums.

7. Profile Picture Upgrade

Once you see the result of having straighter and whiter teeth you won’t be able to resist taking new pictures for your social media profiles.

8. Look Younger 

Teeth are one of the visual associations we subconsciously make with age. As we age, our teeth are exposed to more potential stains and environmental factors that cause discoloration. Whiter teeth can make you instantly appear younger and more vibrant.

Now you know the benefits, would you like to have your dream smile like them?Well.. If you’re ready to take your smile, social life and even career to the next level  call us today at 03-41071590 or drop me an email at dini@story.drfauziah.com.

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