A peek into my recent makeover case: Dr Nik

Fiber Reinforced composite bridge.

Yes, that was what I did recently…and I did not just do one but two fiber reinforced composite bridges (FRC bridge) on this one patient.

She is a teacher that came all the way from Johor after finding out about this treatment on our Instagram page. I first saw her a week before Raya for a consultation and after check up and lining out all the possible treatments for her problems, she chose to replace her badly rotten teeth with FRC bridges.

I extracted out both rotten teeth, right and left on this visit and fixed new date for the FRC bridge treatment. Since she comes from quite a distance from Kuala Lumpur, she requested to have both done one the same day. I understood her rationale but warned her that next visit is going to be a tiring one for her as the treatment will definitely take at least 4 hours.

Finally, I saw her again. She came in eager to get her makeover done and I was ready to offer her the best that I can to create a beautiful smile makeover for her.

I started off creating the right side before letting her to rest for a while and continued to do the left side after. As predicted, it took me a little more than 4 hours to create 2 FRC bridges for her. Pheww….it was tiring for me and I’m sure it was for her too…but it was worth it. I was very happy and satisfied with my work but the most important thing was she was ecstatic with the result….she wanted something that is fixed to replace the rotten teeth, beautiful and within her budget and that’s what she got.

After a lengthy oral hygiene instruction on how to clean the FRC bridges (crucial to make sure the FRC bridge can last longer). I advised her to come back again and do other treatments that are still pending. Hoping to see her soon and review the bridges during her next visit.

Occlusal view before FRC bridges
Occlusal view after FRC bridges











Right side before FRC bridge
Right side after FRC bridge











Left side before FRC bridge
Left side after FRC bridge










Feel free to contact me for more info regarding this type of treatment at nik@story.drfauziah.com or contact our clinic managers at the numbers below for a consultation appointment.




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5 years ago

Great sharing and insights on FRC Bridge Treatment.