I don’t like the dentist! – Dr. Adyan

Okay, confession time.


I didn’t like the dentists. Before you laugh in amusement or frown your forehead in confusion, give me a chance to explain myself first.


During my school days, I was terrified of dentists. Whenever the nurses called my name up at school because it was my turn to be seen by the dentist, I would take a longer route from my classroom to the dental treatment room. Or worse, I would be hiding in the restroom, never to be found by the nurses.


I even hid the dental treatment consent forms from my parents so that they can’t sign them and I won’t have to be seen by the dentist!


I know, I know. I was the worst patient ever. What a drama I was -.-“


I had always found dentists to be a bit (okay, maybe VERY) scary. They always spoke with a stern voice with me and did things harshly.


But when I had to get my braces done, I met the sweetest dentist ever. She was soft-spoken and did everything painlessly; I never thought I would be happy to visit the dentist every month!


That’s when I thought to myself, if I ever were to become a dentist, I want to be one that patients love and are comfortable with. Not one that makes patients want to hide in the washroom until the session was over (er, hello, Adyan, was that you?).


Anyway, why am I spilling all of these now?


Because a few days back, I met one patient who came from Sydney and I was reminded of the times that I hated the dentists.


And just to make it clear,I love dentists now. I couldn’t possibly hate them, when I’m also a dentist myself!


So, back to the patient!


Before he entered my room, I could already hear his cheerful voice while he was walking. But as soon as he reached my room, the first words he said after his greetings were,


“I don’t really like the dentists; I’m scared of them so my heart now is like ‘thump, thump, thump’,” he said, while placing his right hand over the left side of his chest. I’m guessing his heart was racing at 200 beats per minute at that time.


I would’ve been upset with his remarks, but because I understood how he felt, I gave him a wide welcoming smile instead.


“Oh don’t worry, we get that a lot. But you’re going to be just fine with me!” I reassured him.


We did a full mouth check-up, and noted that he needed some scaling and fillings. He thought that he needed to pull one tooth out but I assured him that a filling was all he needed and he can keep the tooth.


During the whole procedure, I stopped for a few times to ask if he was feeling fine. I even chatted with him a bit in between fillings just to make him more relaxed.


As soon as I told him we were done with his treatment, he had this one beautiful, big smile carved on his face.


“Wow, thank you!” He said with such a delighted tone.

This was Casey after we finished his treatments. He was smiling happily non-stop!


Before he left, he said something that I will forever remember.


“You did great. I’ve been to so many dentists, but you were very gentle. You’re definitely my favourite now!”


Well, trust me; any dentist would be thrilled to hear that from a patient.


I’ll be seeing him again when he comes to KL next time, as he needs crowns to be done on his teeth too.


If you are scared of the dentist, it’s okay to be so because I understand how you feel. But don’t stay scared forever. Come to us for a visit, and we’ll change your whole experience with dentists.


To be able to help these patients and changing their perception of dentists from ‘terrifying’ to ‘lovely’ is what I live for.


So, to my future patients out there, let’s stop being like the scared younger version of me (of course, I’m not that old now if that’s what you’re thinking 😉 ), and give us a visit!


If you have anything to ask, you can contact me directly at adyan@story.drfauziah.com or call our clinics to set an appointment. Looking forward to see you!


Lots of love,

Dr. Adyan


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