Oral Health Routine with Braces – Dr Tan Swee Ling

It’s important to keep teeth healthy and strong during braces, to avoid them from decay and have multiple cavities, or poor gum health on the day your braces are removed.

Below are just a few tips to follow by:

Right Food Choices

It would be preferable to avoid acidic foods and hard foods.

This is because acidic foods wear down the tooth outer layer over time, and hard foods can damage the apparatus of the braces.


Acidic foods- Pineapple, soft drinks, vinegar

Hard foods- Nuts, ice-chewing habit

Sticky foods like chewing gum should be avoided too.


Oral Routine at Home

  1. Elastics should be removed before brushing
  2. Brush gently with proper brushing technique, make sure to check if anything is stuck on your braces
  3. You can consider an electric toothbrush
  4. Floss


Regular Check ups

It is still important to make sure teeth are still clean and healthy. Scaling appointment every six months is advisable.

I hope these few tips have been helpful.

Stay happy with your braces!

Dr Tan Swee Ling

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