I am the lucky charm – Dr Gan

It was a very motivating week. I received really good feedback from three of my patients.

The first case was a lady about my age.

She came for a dental checkup and requested for scaling.

During examination, I handed her a mirror and carefully explained to her about her gum condition. I taught her how to self examining her gum at home and looked for clues about gum disease. At the same time, I shared with her about what she could do to improve her gum problem.

Few days later, she sent me a message to thank me for my knowledge sharing and care. I felt so warmth knowing that a small action of care impacted someone’s life so much.


The second case was a patient I met last year.

I did a makeover for her. She invited me to her photography exhibition and told me that wonderful things are happening since she got her new smile.

I felt so glad for her. I could still remember vividly the day we first met. She looked so sad and embarrassed with her teeth, anxiously looking for a solution.

I did her makeover and the next day she sent me a message saying that she couldn’t stop smiling because of me.

Now, she could just flaunt her smile without any worry. Bravo!

For the full story, please read my blog at https://story.drfauziah.com/story/2017/12/12/cant-stop-smiling-because-of-you-dr-gan/


The third case was also a patient that I did makeover.

Bobo came few months before because he was concerned about the gaps between his teeth.

When I first met him, he had very low self-esteem. He looked down when he spoke to me, no eye contact at all. He did not or I should say he did not have the confidence to dress up.

This young man was looking for a job, but obviously his confidence needed to boost up before he could attend a job interview.

I did composite veneers for his upper and lower teeth, closing the gaps and pumping in confidence in him.

Today, when I met him, he totally amazed me, was a totally new Bobo.

Bobo wore new clothes, new spectacles, new hair style, and of course new smile.

He found a job in Hong Kong soon after I did the makeover for him.

The job acquired him to do a lot of speaking to audience, and he told me he had no problem at all. He is very confident now!

Bobo thanked me for bringing all the good luck to him. Both of us giggled and we thought I am probably his lucky charm! What an honor to be someone’s lucky charm!


If you are looking for a life changing experience, feel free to send in enquiry or email me @ ganshouwan@story.drfauziah.com. I would love to be your lucky charm as well! =)

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