Filling Lost, Feeling Down – Dr. Adyan

“I bit on ‘kuaci’ and the filling fell off!”


Anyone had this problem before?


You’re happily chewing on a scrumptious meal when suddenly, the filling on your tooth fall off! Or worse, even your natural tooth chip off!


And it even becomes more of a disaster when it involves the front teeth!


This was what happened to my patient who came in a few days ago. Ah, such a handsome young man but unfortunately he can’t smile proudly because the filling on his front tooth fell off while he was eating.





As you can see, in addition to the huge hole on one tooth, the old filling on the other tooth also appears discoloured and oddly-shaped – making the tooth look very unnatural and weird.


So I suggested to redo the discoloured filling, and also do a new filling to replace the filling that had fell off. Considering the little tooth structure left, a good option to restore the tooth was to do a crown instead. But for the time being, he wanted a quick and economical solution for his teeth so we agreed on having fillings for his two front teeth.


And tah-dah!



Much better than before, don’t you think?


I know it would have been much better if we did scaling for him but due to the time restrictions we had to postpone the scaling to another session.


Have a problem like this?


You can contact me by writing to or comment below 🙂


Lots of love,

Dr. Adyan



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