Which one of these cases is similar to your problem? : Dr Nik

I believed that there are many of us who wish to have better teeth than what we have now. Some might want it to be whiter, some wish that it is straighter, some wanted the lost ones to be replace and the list of wishes might just goes on.

However, most of the time we don’t know all the possible ways that can help us to achieve our dreams…and I’m writing this to give you rough idea of what treatment possible to get your wishes come true.



Unusual shape tooth like a peg shape tooth shown in this picture can be sculpted and shaped to look natural by means of doing a composite veneer. In this case even the white fluorosis spot were created to match the adjacent teeth.











Want a whiter and brighter teeth? You can opt for professional whitening treatment or veneer treatment to get that dazzling white smile.  In this case patient opted for eight upper composite veneers and she got her dreamed smile in just two hours time!










Gaps and uneven or crooked teeth can be corrected with braces or some cosmetic dental makeover treatment (for mild crowding or gap cases).  Braces treatment will normally takes around 2 years to complete while cosmetic makeover only takes one dental visit!. In this case , I did four upper composite veneers. It does look straighter, doesn’t it?










Has that unsightly black cavities or old discoloured fillings? No worries!..with just normal composite fillings or composite veneers, we can transform your smile completely. In this case, I did a combination of few composite veneers and composite fillings and his smile changed drastically after the makeover!











Missing tooth or teeth can be replaced with either a denture (removable acrylic false tooth), a bridge or an implant (bridge and implant is a fixed prosthesis ). The choice of treatment usually depends on your budget. Denture is the cheapest followed by bridge and implant. This picture showed my patient with his new denture inserted in.










Like mentioned before, bridging is another treatment option to replace missing tooth or teeth. There’s  two types of bridge: fiber reinforced composite (FRC) bridge or porcelain bridge.  FRC bridge involves minimal tooth cutting and preserves a lot of tooth structure.  With good care it can last for few years. This picture show the FRC bridge in place to replace missing left premolar.









This is a porcelain bridge treatment. This treatment requires cutting or trimming of the adjacent teeth into a smaller size. These teeth will later be covered with cap or crowns that are fused together with the one to replace the missing one. Compared to the FRC bridge, porcelain bridge is more durable and with good care can last way longer than FRC bridge.







So, do you have similar dental problem? Do visit us and talk to us about it and we will be honoured to have the privilege of creating your new smile.

If you have any inquiries do email me at nik@story.drfauziah.com



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