Of Gummy Smile & Gaps – Dr. Tan Swee Ling

My first impression of Ms M was a very stylish Korean. She was cool, and could hardly her smile. During consultation, she was very direct, straight-to-the-point. I was not sure if I could provide the results equivalent to her expectations.


As she slowly lets her guard down, she started sharing more of her personal stories with me. She is now a model, hence her appearance is her top priority.


Her concerns were:

  1. Very obvious gummy smile
  2. Generalize gaps between her upper front teeth

Her gummy smile bothered her the most. When she laughs, her gums are showing more than her teeth. And that’s not a very pleasant sight.

During the consultation, we came up with a plan that she’s agreeable to and we shall start her makeover project on her following appointment due to insufficient time.


We started off with gingivectomy of her two upper front teeth. Why only two? Ms M only allowed two. XD

Notice her front teeth looks larger already? Yes, this is what I expected. Now, we have more surface area to work with for her veneers.

An hour later…

As I handed her the mirror, I was anxious. I did not know how she would react. *heart racing*

She jumped for joy! She was so thrilled. She said she can smile more now, she will not stop smiling!
That’s the best compliment any dentist can have! <3

Enjoy your gorgeous smile now Ms. M! And please smile away~!


Lot’s of love,

Dr Tan Swee Ling



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