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Something different for my blog this time!


If you’ve read my previous writing, you’d notice I would usually post a photo of patients’ smile BEFORE I do any treatments on them.


Let’s change things up this time, shall we? I’ll show you the patient’s smile AFTER I completed the treatment on her. And you can guess which tooth was repaired!




Here you go!

The ‘after treatment’ photo



Anyone can guess what treatment did I do, and on which side?


Okay, since I’m feeling generous today, here’s a clue for you!


This patient had an almost perfect set of teeth, except for ONE tooth.


So don’t be looking around for multiple teeth that have been repaired, just focus on finding one tooth!


Have you found it?




Okay another clue then! *wahhh Adyan is very generous today~* *self-praise at it’s worst, haha!*


The tooth repaired was a lower tooth.




Now I’m guessing that some of you have found the repaired tooth?


Okay okay, before I further torment anyone with their overwhelming curiosity (or frustation!), here’s the picture of this patient’s teeth BEFORE I did any treatment.

How her smile looked like when I first saw her




So who got it right? Raise your feet! Haha.


I did a filling on the lower front tooth for this patient. She had the tooth chipped off since she was a child. When she looked at the mirror after the tooth was filled, she said,


“It looks like nothing was done!”


At first when she said that, I was so worried I almost fainted (okay, sorry, ignore the drama :P), I thought she meant that she wasn’t satisfied with the treatment. I asked her again, then she explained,


“I meant, it looks like a natural tooth! Like there wasn’t any problem with the tooth in the first place!”


She grinned ecstatically while admiring her new perfect smile in the mirror.


You can’t imagine how I felt like hopping around the clinic in excitement when I heard her! Haha. Yes, please do excuse my enthusiasm upon hearing happy patients!


If you are interested in this kind of treatment, or have any questions about any dental treatment, you can contact me directly by writing to adyan@story.drfauziah.com


See you soon!


Lots of love,
Dr. Adyan

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