Why so serious? : Dr Mawarni

Have you ever came across a person who seems so serious & never smile?

Have you ever wonder why he/she behave like that?

First impression counts. However, I think we should never judge someone just based on first impression.

One of the possible causes of his seriousness is probably he is not happy with his smile appearance.

Well, this scenario is quite common in my clinic. Surprisingly after the smile makeover, they instantly changed personality to be more friendly and smiling ear to ear.

That was what Ady had experienced recently. He did not like his jutting out front teeth. He also noticed that his teeth moved and seem to be loosened a bit.

Her wife brought him to me with high hopes. She told me that her friends kept asking why Ady looked so serious all the time.

After I examined his teeth, Ady had generalized chronic periodontitis. In other words, the supporting (periodontal) tissues that is holding his teeth, especially the front ones were in a really bad shape.

Since his main concern was to get rid of the jutting out smile, I carefully planned to get the best of both  periodontal health and a more confident smile.

Before (Top) and After (Bottom) Immediate bridge treatment. Patient gets temporary bridge right after teeth extractions













Ady put his trust in me to solve his dental problem. He was willing to commit to the treatment visits.

We agreed to do immediate bridge and put the temporary bridge. He will then need to undergo 2 root canal treatments and root debridement (cleaning) to improve the deep gum pockets.

He will continue with the treatment follow ups until the periodontal health is stable. Only then I will proceed with the permanent bridge fabrication.

He had undergone generalized scaling and was happy to notice that his gum gets firmer and no more bleeding while he brushed his teeth.

At his recent visit, I took out his really mobile 2 jutting out teeth and made for him a nice temporary bridge.

After looking at his brand new smile, he was so impressed on how much better that he turned to be now.

His wife texted me personally to thank me. The treatment had changed him into a happier husband. No more fake serious look.

I could not wait to complete his whole treatment and see how he transformed to be a more positive individual.

In conclusion, I really believe that a smile is a curve on our face that can make our life straight! =)

If you have problem like Ady, seek for treatment as soon as possible. You never know what positive life changes that awaits you with transformation of a new smile.

Do check out the video of Ady’s treatment on our Instagram page: klinikpergigianfauziah

Email me at mawarni@story.drfauziah.com for more inquiries.

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