Median Diastema: Dr Nik

Median diastema.

That is what we call for the gap that appears in between both front center teeth.

This center gap is what we call median diastema.

Easiest way to fix the problem? ….Cosmetic resin bonded dental filling or restoration.

It is a filling that uses composite resin dental material.  Composite resin dental material is a tooth coloured filling material. It comes in many hues and shades of colour that dentists can choose from to match the colour of the teeth.

It is a simple one visit treatment , painless and takes less than an hour to complete the makeover.

Cosmetic resin bonded fillings to close the median diastema.

So….do you have one? Come and pay us a visit if you wish to close up your median diastema and walk out from our clinic with the new ‘you’.


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