What do you do when you have a challenge in your life? –Dr Gan

What do you do when you have a challenge in your life? Do you accept the challenge and improve yourself or do you run away from it?

Both Amy and I chose to deal with it and achieve the result we want.

Amy lives in Brunei. She had concern about her smile and she knew that she needed to do something about it. As a person deciding for her life, she had been actively searching for a solution. That was how she found us in Instagram.

As a working mother of two, Amy had very tight schedule. She flew in on one of the Friday afternoon to meet me for consultation and makeover.

Looking at her smile and understanding her needs, I knew this was challenging. The challenge was because one of her upper front teeth was porcelain fused to metal crown.  To match composite veneers and crown was almost mission impossible, as the two materials had different compositions and hence would give different colors when light transmit through.  One more challenge was that i only had one afternoon and she would be flying back to Brunei. (I was so stressed!)

The front teeth are not level and one of the teeth is PFM crown. Can you tell which one is it?


I explained carefully to Amy what the challenges were and what the limitations were. We had a very long discussion about other treatment options as well. Finally, we made up our minds that I would try my best to make sure the composite veneers blend in well with the crown.  I threw in all my knowledge that I had learnt about handling different materials to make sure I won’t fail Amy since she had given me her trust. How could I fail her?

Amy almost jumped up for joy when I completed the composite veneers. Both Amy and I were really happy that we took the challenge and we dealt with it.

Amy and I love her new smile. What do you think?


Life is never easy, you can choose to find excuses and never get better; or you can choose to face it and fight for what you want. Both Amy and I chose to fight to be better, knowing it would not be easy and we got what we want!! Yeah!!! =)

How about you? Are you troubled with your smile? If you think you want to have a better smile but you are too scare about it, I hope this story will motivate you to make a move and fight for a better future. You only live once, do not live life with regret!

Feel free to call me at 03-6206 3068 or email me at ganshouwan@story.drfauziah.com to discuss about your case.

Thank you.

Dr Gan Shou Wan


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