Here’s How I Solve A Single Tooth Discoloration. Case 2 – Dr Gan

In my last discussion about single tooth discoloration, I mentioned that trauma to tooth is one of the most common reasons for tooth necrosis leading to discoloration. Here I am presenting a case with single tooth discoloration due to accident few years back.

Clement had trauma to his upper left central incisor causing one third of his tooth fractured. He had the fracture part repaired, but not knowing that the tooth had slowly died throughout the year.


Can you spot which tooth has problem?


The history and clinical presentation of the tooth led me suspecting that this was a necrosed tooth. The investigations confirmed my diagnosis.


The area near to gum was discolored.


The treatment sequence was similar with Joey’s case.

  1. Root canal treatment to clear the infection inside the tooth.
  2. Internal bleaching to brighten the color of the tooth
  3. Emax crown. This was a root canal treated tooth with fracture. The crown would prevent secondary infection and protect the tooth from injury.


The result from internal bleaching was amazing! The tooth become brighter than the adjacent tooth! Oops!


Treatment completed! Now SMILE!!


The treatment was straightforward and only took about a month.

Should you have similar condition to Clement, please feel free to write to me I will be glad to assist you.

Thank you.

Dr Gan



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