Turning a Dream into Reality : Dr Mawarni

Everyone has dreams and hopes in life. In order to turn our dreams into reality, an action plan and execution of the plan are essential. Lyna has always dream to smile confidently with her teeth seen. She was shy to flaunt her previous smile to the world. Lyna came one day with inquiries on how to achieve her dream smile. Her office mate friend, Azi recommended her to come to us for a smile makeover. Azi had teeth gaps closure done recently and was satisfied with her new gapless smile .
                    Lyna before treatment
As you can see from the above photos, one of her front tooth had over erupted causing an uneven smile. She actually went to other dentist for opinion.
Unfortunately the dentist told her that nothing can be done and advise her to accept her smile as it is. Lyna told me she was really frustrated and felt really hopeless by that remark.
After a detail check up, Lyna had a moderate to severe periodontitis. A condition whereby the tissues supporting the teeth (periodontal tissues) were not healthy and strong to support her teeth. As a result, some of her teeth drifted and became a bit loose.
Maybe that was why her previous dentist thought it was too risky to correct her smile if her gum condition is not properly addressed.
In my opinion, our responsibility as and expert in dentistry field is to not just correct peoples’ smile or alleviate their pain by doing dental treatment. It is way beyond that.
My mission as a dentist is to educate people about their oral health condition. Make them knowledgeable about the basics of  common oral diseases, the type of treatments that is needed to solve the problem and ways to maintain their oral health.
“Miss Lyna, don’t worry. You have to come to the right place. I will do my best to help you. However, I need your help to follow the treatment plan to ensure the success of the treatment,” I reassured her.
  • I stressed her the importance of dealing with her periodontal health in order to have a better function and aesthetic smile.
  • It is also to ensure that whatever prosthesis that is build in her mouth will last. This is possible if patient diligently comes for  herfollow up scaling and check up.
The jutting out and over erupted tooth was loose and had advanced periodontal inflammation (periodontitis). In my opinion, it was best to have it taken out followed by an immediate bridge.
The tooth next to it was planned for an elective root canal treatment as I plan to give her a beautiful face profile and no more jutting out smile.
Since Hari Raya was around the corner, I proposed her to get it done so that she will have at least a beautiful temporary bridge and could smile without any hesitance. Lyna agreed with my idea.
She had the these procedures done:-
  • Full mouth scaling & polishing to settle down her generalized periodontitis
  • An elective root canal treatment on her upper left central incisor
  • Extraction of her upper right central incisor
  •  An immediate bridge. A beautiful temporary bridge was placed immediately after the removal of the above tooth.
                         Lyna after treatment
She was already so happy with her temporary bridge, she completely forgot that it was just a temporary one and not the final product!
I told her that she will like the permanent bridge even more. She chose to do a full ceramic dental bridge for a more aesthetic result compared to the metal ceramic type.
At her recent visit, Lyna was so excited to get her permanent bridge placed. Though she understands that she also needs to undergo a series of gum therapy to arrest her existing periodontal disease and maintain a healthy peridontium for her teeth.
Success is a journey, not a destination. Once one’s smile had been corrected, it doesn’t stop there. One must continue to come for regular maintenance and regular reviews to ensure the treatment lasts.
Yes, the journey to maintain your beautiful, dream smile is continuous, but definitely worthwhile. I am pleased to say that we are willing to be part of that journey together with you.. for life 🙂
~Email me at mawarni @story.drfauziah.com for more inquiries 😉
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