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What is the most challenging smile makeover to do?

Most people will think an entire smile makeover is difficult.

However, every dentist knows the most difficult makeover to do actually is to only do a single tooth makeover.

You may be thinking how can it be difficult, is just one tooth??

It is exactly because it is just one tooth and the dentist has to make sure that it is nice, resemble the adjacent tooth and most importantly, nobody can tell it is not a natural tooth. Sweat~~

Here I have a case with a single tooth veneering.

Rose fractured her upper right central incisor few years back and would like it to be fixed. I discussed with her about doing a single tooth veneer, two central incisor veneers as well as a restoration of the fracture part.

At last, we decided to give it a try to do just a single tooth composite veneer instead of two.


Both of us were quite happy with the outcome. What do you think?

Should you have any inquiry, feel free to write to me at

Thank you and have a good day!

Dr Gan


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