Dental composite bonding to close dental gaps: Dr Nik

A diastema is a gap between two of your teeth , and it can occur anywhere in the mouth. Generally, however, they are most found between the two front teeth.

The fastest way to treat it is by doing dental composite bonding treatment where dentists can specifically use dental composite bonding material to effectively camouflage this undesirable space.

It is a very simple procedure that can be done in one visit. In this treatment, I will select a shade of composite material that perfectly matches your own teeth.

There’s few steps that need to be done to your teeth before I can apply the composite material but trust me all these steps are  painless.

Once I apply the composite resin material, I will carefully sculpt the composite material into the appropriate shape and size to cover the gap between your teeth.

Depending on the condition of patients’ teeth, they might need just composite bonding fillings to close the gaps or in some cases, composite veneers to mask teeth surface imperfections or to make it look straighter at the same time.

These are just few of my recent close gaps cases that were treated with composite dental bonding treatment;

























If you have any issues with your dental gaps and need it to be treated, do call us for an appointment and we will be glad to help you.


Do email me at nik@ for any inquiries.

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5 years ago

Hi Doc,
May i know how this procedure cost? I have a gap on my teeth which really make me feel uncomfortable. Im interested to try this procedure.. Thanks in advance.