Here’s How I Solve Teeth Discoloration – Case 3

Roy was very upset with his teeth.

He thought the color of the two upper front teeth were black, the shape of the teeth were odd. In short, he felt everything were wrong with his two teeth.

I sat there quietly, listen to all of his concerns, jotted down every single clue that he was giving me through his conversation.

With his concerns in mind, I sat him down to examine the teeth.

The two central incisors were crowned. There was shadow of blackish underneath the crowns. Gaps between the gums and the crowns were visible. The width and the length were not perfect. In conclusion, Roy was upset with the whole things and I totally understand why.




Patiently, I discussed to him what could have happened that contributed to the appearance of his teeth. With some information from him, I took note that these were root canal treated teeth with crowns.

With investigations, the treatment plan for him was as follow:

  1. Retreatment of root canal treatment to manage the infection
  2. Scaling and polishing to remove calculus and stain
  3. Internal bleaching to manage the blackish discoloration
  4. Redo crown, if Roy was still unhappy with the result of internal bleaching

It was a long journey, almost three months for us to come to number 4. However, both of us were really happy with what we achieved.



I am really happy when Roy said that he enjoyed the journey with me, he felt I am more a friend to him rather than a dentist who just push him to do whatever I felt like doing. I felt terrific with his feedback.

I sincerely think this is my goal as a dentist, to be a friend of my patients, and really care about them as human being.

If you are bothered with similar situation, do not hesitate to make an appointment and I shall discuss with you a tailored made treatment plan.

Thank you.

Dr Gan

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