Being part of the team!

Hello everybody 🙂 !

I am Dr Tan Ming Hoe who has recently joined the dream smile team at KPF.

Nope, not Korean
Nope, not Lee..
Nope, not as tall 🙁
Sorry to disappoint..


Before anything and everything,

I would like to thank Dr Fauziah for giving me an opportunity to be part of this team, or rather, this family.


Some fun facts about me!

I graduated with a degree in Doctor of Dental Surgery from MAHSA University and have served the Ministry of Health in the very heart of Kuala Lumpur.

A typical city boy. Born, raised and trained in Kuala Lumpur!

To stay healthy, I enjoy going to the gym with friends and play badminton as a hobby.

I have recently acquired a new interest which is photography! No, I do not only take pictures of teeth (although I do) but also other scenic and portrait pictures.

“Why Dentistry? Why become a dentist?”

I have always been bombarded with this same question.

To be honest, the sciences weren’t my forte during high school. I was more inclined to Mathematics (boring I know!) and I aspire to become an actuary.

However, lost like any other teenager, I opted to take a gap year and worked in several fields. From a promoter, to becoming an assistant accountant and finally a dental technician.

Having no clue of the job when I first started, carving a tooth out of wax was the hardest thing in my life! I could still remember spending several hours working on one tooth, even after working hours, to find my work entirely modified by my senior. Devastated, but for some reasons I worked even harder and without me noticing, I got even more indulged into the art, hence, dentistry!


That’s one minute!

(You can start reading again while timing yourself… HAHA)


Last but not least, do drop by to give me an opportunity to look into your mouth (or just come by and say hi, I don’t bite!)


Here’s a picture of me with my pillars of support…

(P.S Nope, not my brother, that’s my dad!)

Signing off for now,

Dr Tan Ming Hoe

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