Here’s how you can whiten your teeth! – Dr. Adyan

Have you ever turned on the television and your favourite star comes on the screen – and when they smile, their teeth shines so bright that your eyes become blinded for a while?


Okay that may sound over the top but you get what I mean, right?


Nowadays all the celebrities seem to have the whitest teeth and the brightest smile! And you wonder if you can have a bright smile like them too…


Well, stop wondering!


Because you can also have a beautiful, white teeth just like any celebrities that you adore.


Here at Klinik Pergigian Fauziah, we use Zoom! Whitening for our Professional Teeth Whitening service. It’s an effective way for people who want to whiten their teeth without cutting or drilling any parts of their natural teeth.


If you’re curious on how it’s done, here’s a short video I made to enlighten you!
(the patient in the procedure part of the video and the patient in the before/after picture are not of the same person)


Can you see how bright the smile had become?


With just a simple procedure, you can have the world admiring your new smile – just like this patient!


You can always write to me at if you have any enquiries, or call our clinics to book your whitening appointment!


Not sure if whitening is the treatment for you? You can always come in for a consultation first and we can discuss together the best treatment plan for you!


Looking forward to meet you!


Lots of love,

Dr. Adyan



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